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How to Save Your Relationship at a Distance

It’s hard to love someone when there are thousands of miles between you. Sometimes it seems that such relationship is doomed to fail, but it doesn’t have to be so. There are a few tips from that can help. Here’s how to save a long distance relationship from falling apart.

1) Make sure that your expectations are the same

At the very beginning of a relationship, ask each other important questions to make sure that you both expect the same from it. Decide who you are to each other: are you a couple, or you’re just two people, who like to have some fun from time to time, or maybe you’re already engaged? Perhaps you think that you’re ready for the wedding, while your partner isn’t. Yes, these questions are awkward and difficult to ask, but if you want to avoid misunderstanding and insults, you should ask them.

2) Challenge the distance and do something together

Couples, who live next to each other, spend most of their time doing something together. Distance is not an obstacle, and you can watch the same TV show or film at the same time, play games online, cook dinner, while talking on Skype, sing the same song in karaoke, or read the same book.

3) Communicate in all possible ways

How to save a relationship if both partners don’t talk to each other? It’s impossible. Since you can’t see each other daily, it’s important to maintain an emotional connection. This doesn’t mean that you need to spend hours talking on the phone. Write each other short text messages. Write about your small victories, joys, and problems. Ask each other for advice. Write romantic love letters. Send small gifts, flowers, and cards for no reason. And, of course, try not to forget your memorable dates.

4) Remember the advantages that long-distance relationships give

You can spend a lot of time with friends and family, you don’t quarrel over household stuff, your every meeting is full of emotions, you don’t disrupt your anger on your loved one, even if you think that she was rude to you. And most importantly, being far away from each other, you’ll retain your individuality, unlike couples, who live together and spend almost all their free time together.

5) You need to have common interests and constantly discuss them

Like collecting stamps? Tell your partner about the new additions to your collection. Do you both like cycling? Synchronize and skate at the same time, and then call and share emotions. When you devote time to your common hobby, you stay on the same page with your loved one. If you want to know how to save a relationship that's falling apart, try this advice.

6) Don’t try to control your partner

While you’re both interested in a relationship, you support it. But as soon as one of you decides that this relationship isn’t worth saving, it will end, and it doesn’t matter whether you live 3,000 miles away from each other, in the same city, or in the same room.

7) Do something for each other

This doesn’t mean that you must sacrifice everything for the sake of this relationship. But, perhaps, there are things you wanted to do for a long time, but you lacked motivation. In that case, you can start doing it for the sake of your partner.

8) Talk about your plans

If you want to know how to save your relationship, just discuss your joint plans for the future. This way you’ll understand where this relationship takes you and prevent major problems.

9) Meet more often

Relationships can’t develop harmoniously if you communicate only by phone. Use every opportunity to see each other. Only a clear schedule will help you maintain a relationship.

10) Be Positive

Keep a positive attitude, don’t allow yourself to focus on the negative aspects of a relationship from a distance. Yes, you’re far from your loved one, but you can pay more attention to work, hobbies, and your interests. The only way to understand how to save a long distance relationship is to learn how to ignore the distance between you.